Unapologetic Positivity

When I conceived of this direction for Thats How You Feel, I wanted it to embody a new concept.  Unapologetic positivity.  That in-your-face declaration of your own talent, your own value, your own worth, and done in a way that you control.  That’s power.  That’s affirmative recognition of one’s self-signed emancipation proclamation in the face of a more contentious world.  The strength of positivity is high, and needs to reside within us with the same fire as our anger, our fears, or our doubts.  The positive spirit within us should be allowed to SCREAM!  Our brand embodies what that scream looks like.

Positive and Affirming on Purpose

I believe that talent should not be hidden, positive messages should not be abridged, affirmations should be normal, and thinking very highly of ones self openly should not be looked down upon.  Believing in your own definitions of excellence for yourself is something that your mind and spirit has the right to engage in at the highest levels.  I believe you should never apologize for being talented, being smart, being prepared, having hustle and drive, or demanding what you deserve, as long as the spirit of that position is founded on positivity.

Our Shirts Reflect What We Believe.